About Nthula

“Nthula” – Noun – Kalanga name for Morula or Marula tree which is an indigenous tree found in most parts of Botswana. The Nthula is a wide-bark tree whose branches and leaves grow to form an 

umbrella-like shade under which the Batswana people have always sought refuge from the heat of the sun. From time immemorial the Batswana people have sat under the Nthula tree to enjoy a cool breeze while doing absolutely nothing, or while they enjoyed a good traditional meal with delicacies prepared using the oil from the Nthula fruit nut or snacking on the nuts themselves, or indeed they would congregate with friends under the Nthula shade to enjoy “Nkumbi” – a traditional Kalanga wine made from the ripe Morula fruit!

So just as the Batswana people enjoyed the various delicacies from the versatile Nthula tree, so too can our modern day travellor escape into Nthula Lounge to enjoy the cool, serene and comfortable environment while partaking in the specially prepared complimentary snacks and beverages on offer. The choice is yours, you can check-in and relax on a recliner with a book or your i-Pad or laptop and enjoy free Wi-Fi, or chat about with fellow travelers, or indeed refresh yourself with your favorite beverage from the Nthula bar. All this with the confidence that our professional hostesses will keep you informed with your flight departure information and let you know when it’s time to board your flight.


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